Impurity Screening, Particle Size Analysis and Metal Detection Services.

Through the use of our Metal Detectors and Vibratory screen equipment and a wide variety of sieves we have the opportunity to identify and remove, metal, treated bugs/insects, rogue seeds, sticks, rocks and other impurities that are contaminating your products.

Melbourne Milling also has a 8 layer lab test sieve set that can do accurate particle size analysis from sizes of: 710um (25 mesh) >75um (200 mesh) on most dry products.

Sieving and Screening Advantage

Sieving has an added advantage of aerating products that may bind together causing lumps over time, while not having and adverse effect on the products chemical and taste profile the process does remove a physical appearance that is not advantageous to ongoing sales.

Product sieving and impurity screens are manufactured to suit the individual tolerance of every product and in a variety of materials from Stainless Steel, mild steel, nylon and other polymers to maximise the effectiveness of machinery, in most cases the correct screen can separate and support identification of contamination that was not part of the original work specification in addition to the known issues.

Melbourne Milling can advise on the correct technology to meet your needs in these areas.

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