Contract Packing and Re- Bagging

Our packaging lines allow us to package milled, blended and screened processed products into small (100g-5kg pouches, tubs and bags), medium (5kg to 30kg+ bags, sacks, tubs and pails) and large (up to 1.5tonne bulk bags) and we contract re-package/re-bag from 1.5 tonne bulk down through various sizes to 100g, pouches, bags, sacks, tubs and pails.

Our versatility allows us to offer packaging mediums of Paper, Paper Multi wall, Woven Polypropylene and Polyethylene in a wide variety of sizes with secure closure systems of sewn, tape and sew, heat seal in-line with the packaging medium and size required, or secure seal Tubs and Pails with the addition of date/batch coding, black and white adhesive label printing to meet our customer’s requirements.

Packaging Equipment

Melbourne milling utilises appropriate technology for each packaging task.

This includes Semi-automatic bag weigh filler, vibratory weigh fillers, auger volumetric fillers, auger hopper bulk bag fillers, manual auger filler, 3 calibrated platform scales with measuring capability from 0.005kg to 1.5 tonnes, inline bag sewing conveyor, impulse heat sealer, inline heat sealer and a pre-stretch stretch wrapper to contain and secure the pallet and bags.

Black and white product labels can be made to customer specifications by our continuous feed label maker and packaging can be batch and date coded as required.

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